Choosing a ZTR Mower

If you currently use a walk behind or push mower to mow your lawn, have you ever thought about how nice it would be if you could get your mowing and most of your trimming done with a lot less sweat and in less than half the time? Aw, come on, you know you have.

Next time you’re thinking along those lines or thinking about hiring a lawn service to take over your lawn, consider purchasing an Ariens Zoom 34-Inch zero turn riding mower.

That’s how walk behind owners become zero turn owners. They get tired of the same weekly routine of mowing, weed whacking, edging, and blowing and turn to riding lawn mowers or zero turns.

Some people never get past the “I wish I had…” stag. This review of the Ariens Zoom 34-Inch is for you

Maybe they are tight on finances and think they can’t swing the cost. Or maybe they think that a riding mower isn’t practical for their lawn. Some, like a few of our customers, just rent riding mowers because they don’t want to take on the upkeep themselves. But for others, they bite the bullet and switch.

But hold on, are those even valid reasons to stick with the push mower?

Did they really look hard at the benefits they’d get with a rider like the Ariens Zoom 34-inch zero turn? Maybe we should take a look at it. Let’s talk about the 5 best reasons for owning an Ariens Zoom 34-inch zero turn. We’ll take it from the perspective of a person who push mows, weed whacks, edges and blows his or her lawn weekly to see how they could benefit if they make the switch too.

1. How big is your property? If it’s bigger than a postage stamp, why not consider the Ariens Zoom 34-Inch Zero Turn? Even small lawns need to be mowed and maintained.

If you live in a home with 5 bathrooms, chances are, you’d own a mop right? Wouldn’t you still own a mop if you had only one bathroom? I know that the price of a mop is no where near the cost of a zero turn, I’m just making the point that size “usually” would not matter with an Ariens Zoom 34-inch zero turn. It fits through a garden gate.

Plus, it will free up the time you spend trimming after you mow in most cases. Because it’s a zero turn and it’s compact so it fits in tight places, you’ll be able to trim while you’re still on your mower.  In addition, consider that the time you save on mowing, you could use for other things like landscaping, family time, or other things you’d rather do.

2. Got small hills? If you have some smaller hills on your property, there’s nothing worse that tackling them manually with a walk behind mower. That will flat out wear you out. And unless your walk behind is a really good one, it wears it out too.

3. Great maneuverability. Unlike some of the larger zero turns, you’re not all over the place with the steering on the Ariens. This is good news for new zero turn users. The maneuverability on the Ariens Zoom 34-inch, and in fact all the Ariens ztrs, is incredibly good. Plus, this really helps when pruning around trees and landscape!

4. Excellent size for normal lawns.

The Ariens Zoom 34-inch zero turn is compact. It’s small enough to fit through a standard 36″ garden gate and takes up very little room in your garage.

5. No need to mulch? The Ariens Zoom 34-inch zero turn cuts the grass so fine (even St. Augustine Grass), that many people decide not to get the mulching kit. So, while you’re mowing, you’re also putting nutrients back into the soil.

Within the review above info lies a great group of reasons in favor of owning an Ariens Zoom 34-inch riding mower. What do you think? Of course the review was not technical, but were some of the things people look for as they’re deciding whether to get a riding mower or not. Seriously, if it’s time to get rid of your riding mower envy, wouldn’t you like to take a closer look?

The case for being a new Ariens owner is really compelling, I’m sure. However, until you really take a look at what this zero turn can do, you’ll only be taking my word for it. I’d much rather you see for yourself what this zero turn is capable of.

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